Spring 2020

Dear Tri Foxes.

Out of an abundance of caution we are canceling our March meeting and our annual end of the season April Tri Fox birthday party. TRI 101 is also cancelled.


I’m sorry we won’t get together but Right now this is our reality. Most of you know what I do for a living - I am the doctor on the front line in the urgent care and emergency room — my staff and I have been inundated… My advice is simple… Wash your hands FREQUENTLY with warm soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds and do not do not do not touch your face. As I have told people for my entire career, if you are sick, STAY HOME!


I know many of you are concerned about upcoming vacations, events, races and every day normal activities… The only way to stem the tide is to do what we are doing now. Don’t be afraid but please be vigilant and please be smart. I am hoping we will be through the worst of it by summer and I am hoping to see you all at the firecracker on the Fourth of July!


My best!

Alan Cherkasky

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JULY 4, 2020
The Fox Cities Triathlon Club welcomes beginners with open arms.  Those just getting started in the sport can get everything they need to complete their first triathlon.  Training plans, technical tips, group swims, bikes and runs and camaraderie.  The club is full of passionate triathletes from all levels who remember the challenges of their first race.  Take advantage of the expertise the club has to offer and make new friends and find training partners with a love of triathlon.

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